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Virtual reality engineers building high end enterprise level VR gear.

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Picture in your mind’s eye what you imagined VR would look like inside the goggles when you first heard about the technology. Does that vision include seeing fine details, like the graining in wood or the stitching in fabric? The founders of VRgineers envisioned that level of clarity when they set out to create a VR system.



Only a few years ago, VR was presented as a ground-breaking technology, but the reality couldn’t match the hype. VRgineers, Inc. was formed with one goal: meeting the expectations set for VR. The result of our efforts is VRHero, an enterprise-level virtual reality headset with unseen levels of clarity. This high-end piece of equipment is the ideal tool for prototyping and training in the automotive, aerospace, architecture, and manufacturing sectors.

The level of detail available with VRHero provides invaluable and intangible benefits. The cost savings that come with the ability to fine-tune and finalize minutia in the prototyping or design phase with minimal subsequent changes provides real-world value. But beyond that, the feelings of satisfaction and excitement that come with being able to see how a project will look in reality is an unquantifiable benefit.

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