The story of
vrg. ineers.

VRgineers was born from Marek Polčák’s vision of transformative VR that would finally fulfill the promise laid out when virtual reality was introduced as a concept. Since nothing like what he envisioned existed, Marek decided to build his own VR equipment using his knowledge and tenacity. Today, VRHero sports a level of detail and clarity that has never been seen before in any other VR headset available on the market.

In a cluttered office workshop, in fits and starts, his vision started to come together. As the firm grew, it became necessary to find a partner similarly committed to developing bleeding-edge technologies.

When the time came to find a partner, Etnetera was an easy choice. It wasn’t just their years of proven success and experience with IT development, but also their love of technology, and the people-centric way they run their firm.   Together they formed VRgineers: a firm with the goal of fulfilling the promises of VR.

VRgineers operates from its branches in Los Angeles and Prague where is developed and produced their VRHero, in many respects the best VR headset in the world.

VRgineers, Inc. was formed with one goal: meeting VR’s expectations. The VR project began at Marek Polčák’s Quanti s.r.o., which then contacted Etnetera Group a.s. to form this joint venture based on their shared values and strategies. Both firms have years of experience in IT and provide the firm with a solid foundation in terms of knowledge, human resources, and financing. Their efforts resulted in VRHero, an enterprise-level virtual reality headset with unseen levels of picture clarity.


Quanti, founded in 2010, is Prague-based custom hardware and software developer with more than 50 employees and contractors and EUR 1.2 million in revenues in 2016.


Founded in 1997, Etnetera has grown into a group of eight high-tech companies with more than 300 people and EUR 16 million in revenues in 2016.