The story of
vrg. ineers.

VRgineers was born from a vision to take virtual reality beyond gaming and give it to the hands of professionals: let car designers accelerate the development of new prototypes, pilots to train in a realistic cockpit environment, and architects to fine-tune the smallest details of a future building. 

3 years ago, in a cluttered office workshop, this vision started to come together. As the technology matured and the engineering team grew, Marek Polcak, VRgineers CEO, started tolook for a partner similarly committed to developing bleeding-edge technology who would help him to get it on the market.

Etnetera Group was an easy choice. It wasn’t just their years of proven success and experience, but also their love of technology, and the people-centric way they run their group of companies. Together they founded VRgineers: a firm with the goal of fulfilling the promises of professional VR.

VRgineers operates from its locations in Prague, Czech Republic, and Los Angeles. Prague is also a home to the main R&D lab where is developed the VRHero 5K, in many respects the best VR headset for professionals available today.


VRgineers, Inc. was co-founded by Marek Polcak of Quanti, and Vaclav Bittner, and Martin Holecko of Etnetera Group.


Quanti, founded in 2010, is Prague-based custom hardware and software developer with more than 50 employees and contractors and EUR 1.2 million in revenues in 2016.


Founded in 1997, Etnetera has grown into a group of eight high-tech companies with more than 300 people and EUR 16 million in revenues in 2016.